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Grab our seconds at a discount.  Please note these colors have splashes of color on the wood, colors out of order or other small defects but are perfect for painting still.  These sets DO NOT come with a brush or cloth bag.  They are wrapped in paper with our sticker attached.  




Take these eco-watercolors on all your outdoor adventures! 


Perfect for nature journals and all your nature-inspired art. Each set includes 6 handmade eco-watercolors. These are a perfect companion to our eco-crayons.



Limited Palette- Encourages color harmony and color mixing.


Adventure Friendly- Encourages color observations and recording in natural environments.


Eco-Friendly- These watercolors are handmade with non-toxic earth pigments, gum arabic, water, honey, glycerine & clove oil.


Available in a natural wood palette.



Color Palette: 

RAINBOW- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple


Additional Notes: Due to being handmade with all-natural ingredients, some cracking may occur in variable climates. It will not affect performance. Let dry after use with the tin open.

SECONDS-Rainbow watercolors

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price