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Take these eco-watercolors on all your outdoor adventures! 


Perfect for nature journals and all your nature-inspired art. Each set includes 6 handmade eco-watercolors. These are a perfect companion to our eco-crayons.



Limited Palette- Encourages color harmony and color mixing.


Adventure Friendly- Encourages color observations and recording in natural environments.


Eco-Friendly- These watercolors are handmade with non-toxic earth pigments, gum arabic, water, honey, glycerine & clove oil.


Available in a natural wood palette.



Color Palette: 

RAINBOW- Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple


Additional Notes: Due to being handmade with all-natural ingredients, some cracking may occur in variable climates. It will not affect performance. Let dry after use with the tin open.

Rainbow Eco-Watercolor

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